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10 Popular Fiji Attractions

The island country of Fiji can be found out in the South Pacific Ocean.  There are two main islands within this country, but you may want to consider exploring some of the rest of the 322 islands.  Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two main islands and there are multiple Fiji attractions on both that will keep you busy during your time there.  If you are looking for a family holiday, romantic vacation, or just a destination to relax and unwind out in nature, Fiji’s attractions are the perfect answer for your needs. 

The Bouma National Heritage Park can be found over on Taveuni Island and this coastal rainforest covers more than 80 percent of the island.  There are three stunning waterfalls within this park and as you are wandering around, you have an excellent chance of seeing the Tagimoucia, which is a rare flower that can only be found in this part of the world.  You will find that you can spend hours hiking along the forest trails or swimming in the cool water of the natural pools. 

Additional flora can be seen over in the lush Garden of the Sleeping Giant over in Nadi on Viti Levu.  This gorgeous orchid plantation has more than two thousand different varieties of orchids.  You can also wander through Kula Eco Park, which is a conservation center that holds many of the indigenous and endangered animals, as well as plant species in the country.  This is an excellent place to get close to all the parrots, iguanas, and many other birds and reptiles of Fiji. 

If you love nature, you should not miss the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park, which is located over in Lautoka.  It is here that you can go to the top of Castle Rock to see panoramic views.  On your way to Castle Rock, you will find yourself walking past sparkling waterfalls and fragrant gardens. 

As beautiful as all the above attractions are, the one that you may believe is the best is Nausori Highlands.  It is there that you will see picturesque landscapes and quaint villages.  If you venture into the botanical gardens of Suva, you will find the Fiji Museum.  There are five major galleries there, as well as many sub-galleries that all exhibit archaeological and cultural items that represent the history of both the island and the people that have lived there. 

Fiji’s Parliament building is another popular tourist attraction, due to the impressive structure that was created to look the same as the traditional thatched huts on the island. 

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is an incredible place to become one with nature.  When you arrive at the park, you will instantly see pine forests, lush greenery, and miles upon miles of sand hills that lead to ancient burial grounds and pottery pieces from centuries ago.

The best place to sample the tropical fruits and vegetables of Fiji is the Suva Municipal Market, which happens to be the largest market within the entire South Pacific.  However, if you are looking for handicrafts and souvenirs, the booths and shops over at the Municipal Handicraft Centre is a better option. 

There are numerous tours to all the Fiji attractions, and you can fill your days trekking to Fijian villages, going to parks, gardens, and fruit farms, and participating in diving adventures and river safaris.  It is easy to check the rates and what is included in each one, so you can get the best deals on tours to the best Fiji attractions.