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Hi there! My name is Salva Nadan. I am the founder and director of Tours in Fiji. I have created this website for you to search for your local tours around the tourist hubs in Fiji, and more importantly so that you don’t miss out on your opportunity to connect with Fijians while you are in Fiji.

Why Fiji is So Fantastic

You might know that there are thousands of people flocking to Fiji each year for their holidays. I think many people miss out on discovering the lifestyle of indigenous Fijians, their tradition and culture that is different to the rest of the world. You will find that a vast majority of Fijians live in a world of perfect fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness. They are just down to earth and warm hearted people. Their rather easy-going mode of lifestyle, “all singing and dancing” attitude keeps the villages and the nation buzzing and vibrant all around. Their happiness resonates through to visitors and guests.  I might add that if there was to be a world contest held on the topic of “least stressful and happiest people in the world”, then Fiji will scoop out the gold, silver and bronze medals. This feature is something extraordinary about Fiji and I believe the whole world needs to see this. In this website I have provided you with number of hand-picked places where you can experience this best, whether you arrive here for a day on a cruise ship or stay longer for a holiday.

Fiji in a Nutshell

For those less informed about Fiji, it is a beautiful tropical paradise in the middle of Pacific Ocean, less than 4 hours flight from Sydney. It is surrounded by crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, coconut trees, and plenty of smaller islands. There is an abundance of warm fresh air, unlike many of the polluted or congested cities in various parts of the world. This place moves at slow pace – you don’t need to rush in Fiji. “Time waits for you” in many places, and if you have learnt how to say “Bula” (a happy hello) while in Fiji then you are half way into finding your happiness. It’s that simple because you will be smiling and laughing with Bula people – laughter is the best medicine as they say, and you will get plenty of that in Fiji.

And a bit about me

I was born and raised in Fiji, living in a mixed community of native Fijians and Indians, staying at Fijian villages, and eventually moving to New Zealand after completing my high school for University studies in engineering. I lived with Kiwis for several years, before moving to Australia to explore the neighbouring country and to do some further studies in management. I’ve settled in Australia and am now married to my lovely wife. We have two wonderful kids, with many of my close family residing in Fiji.

Phew, life is fast in the big smoke (Australia) compared to Fiji, as it’s been over 30 years since I left my home country. By the way, the word “worry” does not exist in Fijian vocabulary! Aussies particularly will get to understand what “no worries” mean when they visit Fiji.

I have a lot of passion for travelling, hiking, bush walking, exploring new places and making others aware that there are many places around us that you might like to travel and experience. I have travelled to Europe, India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, New Caledonia, New Zealand and off course many places in Australia – but there is nothing like seeing and experiencing things in Fiji, I can promise you that.

More things to discover than just white sandy beaches and resorts!

An aspect of Fiji for many people of Indian origin is the ability to track and experience the history of many of their ancestor who made Fiji their home in the 18th century under British colonial rule through a program which locals refer to as “Girmit” (short form of the term “agreement”). I also encourage people of Indian origin to familiarize themselves with the articles that touch on Indian ancestors who arrived in Fiji in its early formation. They were settled on farmlands to grow sugar cane, rice and coconuts. Over many decades, they have integrated with native Fijians, and speak a twisted dialect of Hindi language which is fascinating to listen to (they can sing Bollywood songs with full Bula spirit!).

This is your opportunity to grab the information provided here by both hands and map out your travel plans to Fiji, and if you need help then my team will make sure that your expectations are met. I have become a true blue Aussie having lived in Australia for over 25 years now – however, because I am still a bit tanned with regular exposure to Fiji sun I still have a passion for Fiji and helping people get the most out of their visit to Fiji.

My goal is to ensure that people from all over the world experience many things in Fiji that you will not find in any other parts of the globe.

Best thing for you to do is book your tour and connect with me

I will keep posting articles on the exciting attractions in Fiji on this website and the Tours In Fiji Facebook page about the exciting experiences and attractions in Fiji. Please feel free to share them with your friends and others about things to do in Fiji.

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For now, I wish you safe and happy travelling – wherever you choose to go.