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Snorkel with the sharks at Barefoot Kuata Island in Fiji

Are Fiji Reef Sharks Dangerous

Many people think that sharks of all kinds are really dangerous and while they can be, the Fiji reef sharks are not as dangerous as you would think.  In fact, attacks by Fiji reef sharks are quite rare.  Therefore, if you are interested in diving, or snorkeling, in Fiji, you won’t need to worry about the reef sharks too much. 

A reef shark may approach you, but it is more from them being curious about you and less of the fact that they want to eat you for their dinner!

One of the best places to experience the Fiji reef sharks is on a tour over at Barefoot Kuata Island, which is in the Yasawas.  This tour is unlike many of the others around Fiji, because there are no cages keeping the sharks out.  Instead, you will spend your time in the crystal-clear water with the sharks swimming right next to you. 

This tour begins with a ride to the Denarau Marina and it is there that you will board a high-speed catamaran.  The boat has two large decks, which are perfect for viewing the stunning scenery on the way to your destination.  You will first see the Mamanuca Islands and before long, you will arrive at Kuata Island. 

When you enter the water to snorkel, you will see both white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks.  These sharks are only about one and a half meters long, but they will look much bigger when you are under the water!  The white tips will come up to you more, while the black tips are much shyer and will swim in the opposite direction from you. 

While you may be nervous to be in the water with the sharks, your guides will not be.  They have spent thousands of hours in the water with these sharks, so they know their personalities quite well.  If anything begins to seem off with these sharks, your guides will tell you immediately and would get you out of the water quickly. 

There is never a guarantee that you will be completely safe around Fiji reef sharks, but there are rarely any reasons for concerns.  Therefore, plan to spend some time in the water with them the next time you are visiting the islands of Fiji.