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Depending on which Fiji Island you decide to visit for a fabulous vacation, you may have different weather than you thought.  After all, answering, “What’s Fiji’s climate?”, is much more difficult than you thought.  Some islands are sunnier and drier than others, but for the most part Fiji weather is pretty incredible! Fiji Yearly Weather […]
No one ever goes to an embassy, for any country, unless they are in trouble and need help or they are applying for a visa, so they can enter that country.  Basically, embassies are not used as places to go and chat, unless you are a foreign leader and that is your job.  While there […]
Fiji cannibalism has never been a secret, which is why you can easily purchase cannibal dolls in any souvenir shop on the islands.  You can even take a tour to some of the intriguing cannibal caves in Fiji.  Fiji cannibalism began more than twenty-five hundred years ago, and this is only known because evidence has […]
As with any other destination around the world, when you travel to Fiji, you are going to need to know where to stay or go in Fiji.  After all, you will want to know which hotel is the best, which attractions are the most popular, and which places you want to avoid.  Fiji Where to […]
There are multiple islands within Fiji, but not all of them are perfect when it comes to couples.  A few of them are best for families, so you must know which Fiji island is best for couples if you are traveling alone and leaving the kids back home.  When it comes to the best island […]
Best top 20 tours and things to do in Fiji
If you have always wanted to go to Fiji, it may be because you have often wondered about when Fiji day was and many of the other fascinating facts about this country.  To get the question of when’s Fiji day out of the way, we can tell you that it is on October 10th.  This […]
The new jetty at Tivua Island in Fiji
If you have always wondered how far Fiji is from Australia, you will be happy to know that it is 2,840 miles.  That is really not that far, especially since most plane rides will only take you approximately four hours to get there.  Most of the time, you can fly from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, […]
Snorkel with the sharks at Barefoot Kuata Island in Fiji
Many people think that sharks of all kinds are really dangerous and while they can be, the Fiji reef sharks are not as dangerous as you would think. In fact, attacks by Fiji reef sharks are quite rare. Therefore, if you are interested in diving
Fiji is a South Pacific destination that will be etched into your memories forever and it won’t only be for the relaxation that you experience when you are there. Over in the Northern Islands, they have been taking pride in their bays and their rainforest. 
The island country of Fiji can be found out in the South Pacific Ocean. There are two main islands within this country, but you may want to consider exploring some of the rest of the 322 islands.
Fiji is an island country that can be found out in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,300 miles north of New Zealand.  This archipelago has more than 800 islands that cover approximately one million square miles.
Day beds on Cloud 9 half day tour in Fiji with wood fired pizza lunch.
Fiji Cruise Vacations Fiji cruise vacations are fabulous, and you will find yourself spending your days frolicking on the white powdery sand, relaxing under the heat of the sun, and enjoying the soft gentle breeze on your skin.  All Fiji cruise vacations will have you forgetting the worries of the world, while rejuvenating your spirit […]
Village Chief welcoming the guests
Amidst the rich natural beauty of Fiji, lies the heart of its true enchantment, its captivating people and enthralling blend of diverse cultures. The Fiji culture is a mesmerizing mix of Polynesian, Melanesian, Chinese, European, and Indian influences. A lot of visitors to Fiji have noticed the indigenous people’s pride that can be seen in […]
Fiji Beaches If there’s one thing Fiji takes pride in, besides its wonderful blend of cultures, are its miles of diverse breathtaking beaches, from golden sand beaches to ashen coral sand shores dripping into breathtaking blue lagoons to the volcanic black beaches, and little inlets to escape to. Fiji beaches are among the world’s most […]
The tropical island of Fiji is a Melanesian country nestled in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean consists of 333 islands of which approximately 110 are inhabited. With its 14 provinces, surprisingly Fiji has about one hundred different dialects and only one dialect called the Bau dialect that is known and spoken by all […]