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Fiji and Cannibalism

Fiji cannibalism has never been a secret, which is why you can easily purchase cannibal dolls in any souvenir shop on the islands.  You can even take a tour to some of the intriguing cannibal caves in Fiji. 

Fiji cannibalism began more than twenty-five hundred years ago, and this is only known because evidence has been discovered when excavating human remains.  The butchering scars on the bones of the remains could only have been created by those who chose to practice cannibalism. 

As far as people know, the last time cannibalism was recorded in Fiji was back during 1867, when Reverend Thomas Baker died.  Six other people were also killed and devoured at that time. 

No one is exactly sure why people chose to practice cannibalism in Fiji, but according to some tales, it was for tribal reasons, as well as spiritual reasons.  According to past generations, a tribal chief chose to eat their enemies, so they could show they had control over them and contained all the power.  Of course, it helped that people back then believed that Fiji cannibalism would allow them to inherit the knowledge of those they ate. 

There is one person from Fiji who is said to have eaten the most people in the entire world.  Udre Udre was a chief on the island of Viti Levu and it is said that he consumed between 872 and 999 people during his lifetime. 

The people who chose to cannibalize their victims used a Fiji cannibal fork.  This fork prevented a person’s fingers from touching the skin of their victim, as they were eating them.  The Fiji cannibal forks did not all look the same, because the higher the status of the person using the fork, the more elaborate the fork was. 

Fiji cannibal forks are still created today, and they are available in almost every souvenir shop in Fiji.  Visitors do purchase these forks, although, it is not known what they do with them once they return home.