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Day beds on Cloud 9 half day tour in Fiji with wood fired pizza lunch.

Fiji Cruise Vacations

Fiji Cruise Vacations

Fiji cruise vacations are fabulous, and you will find yourself spending your days frolicking on the white powdery sand, relaxing under the heat of the sun, and enjoying the soft gentle breeze on your skin.  All Fiji cruise vacations will have you forgetting the worries of the world, while rejuvenating your spirit and reviving your imagination.  In fact, this is a getaway that you will want to repeat as often as possible in the future. 

The A/S Tui Tai is a large luxury ship that is 140 feet tall and once you board, you will find all your dreams coming true.  The name of this ship means Chief from Another Planet.  The A/S Tui Tai sails out of the town of Savusavu and you will be welcomed by the locals with open arms.  In fact, the hospitality that you experience will never be rivaled anywhere else in the world. 

When you are taking this Fiji cruise vacation, you will have the chance to see the different islands of this country.  The main islands that you will see include Kioa, Tavenui, and Koro.  Thanks to all the amenities on this ship, you will feel like you are home, no matter how many days you are out on the water.  A few of the favorite amenities include a massage parlor, air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms, ensuite showers, and a lounge bar. 

Aquatic thrill seekers will love this cruise vacation, because A/S Tui Tai offers an amazing scuba diving package.  This ship is an accredited PADI International Resort Dive Boat, so safety will never be an issue.  When you choose this package, you will be allowed to go into the deepest water and visit a few of the most remote locations in the area.  Many of those locations have been carefully preserved and are barely visited by people. 

The equipment used for the dives have been manufactured by SCUBAPRO and a professional instructor will be with you at all times.  The instructor will make sure you know exactly how to put on the diving suit before sharing all the information you need for the next site on the list. 

When you take the five-night Fiji cruise vacation, you will be happy to know that there are eleven different diving spots available.  Visiting them all will be dependent on the weather, but when everything is calm, you might have the chance to experience each one. 

A Fiji cruise vacation is one of the best ways to capture a glimpse of many of the islands of this country. 

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