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Village Chief welcoming the guests

Fiji Culture

Amidst the rich natural beauty of Fiji, lies the heart of its true enchantment, its captivating people and enthralling blend of diverse cultures. The Fiji culture is a mesmerizing mix of Polynesian, Melanesian, Chinese, European, and Indian influences. A lot of visitors to Fiji have noticed the indigenous people’s pride that can be seen in their reverence for tradition, as well as their hospitality.

The Fiji culture is apparent in their way of life that remains resilient and strong even when faced with outside influence. The Fijian society’s traditions are based on shared principles resulting from their village life. The village people share the duties and benefits of community life, which is still headed by an inherited chief.

The natives work together in upholding customs and celebrations, such as helping each other in feast preparation or gift making for various occasions; they also fish together, and later divides the catch, as well as communal activities like home building, pathway maintenance, and the village greenery.

The great benefit of the Fiji culture is an extended family group that makes sure no one goes hungry, unloved, or uncared for. In an ideal world, it is an all-embracing refuge net, which effectively works not just as a caretaking method, but also gives every person their sense of identity and belongingness.

The Yaqona Ceremony The Yagona Ceremony is a privilege to visitors, being invited to this ceremony would mean you have been likely a friend to them. There are certain etiquettes and rules however, if you are to attend this ceremony. A kava root is brought as a sevusevu or gift, which guests traditionally offer. The host gladly accepts the gift and a welcoming ritual is done, which means the guest has been officially accepted. During the ceremony a bilo or coconut, which is full of yaqona, will be offered to the guest and the guest should accept, drinking it one big gulp. The yaqona is a Fijian sacramental ritual that strengthens friendship with strangers.

The Fiji culture is a unique and strong culture that says a lot in this contemporary world; despite the expanding modernization, they have preserved what remains to be most important to them, their customs, beliefs, and strong cultural bond that makes them among the most remarkable cultures existing these days. Remember, if you visit Fiji and these villages, respect for their culture is always the main key in building friendship with locals.

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