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Fiji Embassy

No one ever goes to an embassy, for any country, unless they are in trouble and need help or they are applying for a visa, so they can enter that country.  Basically, embassies are not used as places to go and chat, unless you are a foreign leader and that is your job. 

While there are hundreds of embassies around the world, you will find the Fiji embassies in thirteen different countries. 

List of the Fiji Embassy Locations

Canberra, Australia

Brussels, Belgium

Beijing, China

New Delhi, India

Jakarta, Indonesia

Tokyo, Japan

Seoul, Korea

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wellington, New Zealand

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

London, United Kingdom

Washington DC, United States

The Fiji Embassy London has a webpage that is filled with information about everything you need to know when vacationing in Fiji.  Most of the other Fiji embassies have websites as well, but not all the websites contain the same information.  Therefore, you may need to go from one website to the next before you finally find what you are looking for. 

The Fiji Embassy UK is the one where most people in Britain and Europe go to when they are looking for the visa requirements and other travel information. 

While the Fiji Embassy can be a wealth of information, you will also want to know where your local embassy is when you are in Fiji.  There are currently twenty-two different embassies in Fiji, as well as multiple consulates.  This ensures that help is only moments away if you truly need it when visiting this beautiful country. 

It is best if you know where the closest Fiji Embassy is prior to your trip, while also determining where your country’s embassy is for your time on the Fiji Islands.  This will ensure that all your needs are met, both before and during your trip to paradise.