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The new jetty at Tivua Island in Fiji

Fiji How Far from Australia

If you have always wondered how far Fiji is from Australia, you will be happy to know that it is 2,840 miles.  That is really not that far, especially since most plane rides will only take you approximately four hours to get there.  Most of the time, you can fly from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Darwin and take a direct flight right into the Nadi International Airport.  The flight from Sydney to Nadi is the four hour one, and the others may take a little longer. 

It is not usually necessary to have a visa when you are visiting Fiji from Australia.  However, you must have at least six months validity on your passport and that six months must be after the date you are planning on returning home.  The only time you will be required to obtain a visa to travel to Fiji is when you plan on staying for four months or longer.  Anything less than that and no visa is required.  It is highly recommended though that you consult with Fiji consulate for current visa requirements.

When you arrive in Fiji, you must also provide proof that you have a return flight ticket to get home and show that you have enough funds to cover your stay.  If you run into any trouble when you are in Fiji, you can always go to the embassy which is in Suva. 

While you can easily fly to Fiji from Australia, you can also take a cruise to the islands.  Obviously, the cruises will take longer to reach your destination, but the passport and visa requirements are the same. 

If you have been concerned about the distance and time needed to travel to Fiji from Sydney, or any other parts of Australia, you shouldn’t be.  The distance truly isn’t that great and the time that is needed to fly from Australia to Fiji is really not that long.  Therefore, you can be on one of the islands in no time at all and enjoying the wonderful cultures of the local Fijian people.