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Fiji When is the Best Time to Visit

Depending on which Fiji Island you decide to visit for a fabulous vacation, you may have different weather than you thought.  After all, answering, “What’s Fiji’s climate?”, is much more difficult than you thought.  Some islands are sunnier and drier than others, but for the most part Fiji weather is pretty incredible!

Fiji Yearly Weather

It is important to note that considering Fiji when to go weather is not as easy as looking out your back door.  This part of the world has their winter during the months of July and August, while their summer is between November through January.  Plus, every island seems to have its own weather, so while it may be rainy and cold in one area, it can be warm and sunny somewhere else. 

Fiji Weather January

If you want to visit Fiji when raining, then January is one of the best months for you.  Tropical storms are common around the Fiji Islands at this time of the year. 

Fiji Weather February

When determining Fiji when to travel, February is not always the best time unless you like lots of rain with moderate temperatures. 

Fiji Weather March

March is usually the wettest month in Fiji, but that rain is always welcomed since it arrives late in the day and gives you a respite from the lingering heat and humidity. 

Fiji Weather April

When considering Fiji when is the best time to go, the answer might be April.  The rain is finally slowing down and yet the warm temperatures stick around for the rest of the month. 

Fiji Weather May

May is truly the best time to visit Fiji, which is why the most weddings occur on these islands at this time!

Fiji Weather June

The winds arrive in Fiji in June, but the temperatures are warm, and the humidity will have finally dropped to comfortable levels. 

Fiji Weather July

If you do not mind cooler nights, then July is considered the best time to visit Fiji.  You will still see a rain shower or two in the afternoons, but that is minor compared to the summer months on these islands. 

Fiji Weather August

The Fiji weather August is absolutely gorgeous and all you are lacking is the extreme hot temperatures on these islands. 

Fiji Weather September

September is another good month when it comes to Fiji weather, which makes this one of the best times to visit Fiji. 

Fiji Weather October

The temperatures begin to climb again in October, but it is still dry and windy. 

Fiji Weather November

Fiji when to travel is sometimes best in November, if you do not mind the heat.  This is when the temperatures begin to rise in this country.

Fiji Weather December

The Fiji weather continues to be warm in December, but the rains begin to return, which can put a damper on some holidays.  Be prepared if you do plan this time of the year as the best time to go to Fiji.  Although, even with the rain falling, you will still have an amazing time on these islands!

As you can see, there are many opportunities Fiji when to travel options and it all depends on what type of weather you are looking for when it comes to your vacation.