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What Fiji Currency

What Fiji currency is, is the Fijian dollar and that is what you will need to use whenever you make a purchase on any of the Fiji Islands.  Thankfully, the currency exchange is normally excellent, so you get quite a lot for your money when you exchange it for Fijian dollars. 

The Fiji dollar has been what is used for currency on the islands since 1969, but it was not the first time this Fiji currency was in use.  The Fiji dollar was also used for payments between 1867 and 1873. 

This Fiji currency is represented by a dollar sign, although, the letters FJ are usually placed in front of the dollar sign to prevent confusion with other dollar currencies around the world.  The Fiji dollar is divided into one hundred cents, just like the dollar from the United States. 

Currency Exchange for the Fiji Dollar

Fiji Dollar to GBP

Fiji Dollar to USD

Fiji Dollar to AUD

Fiji Dollar to EUR

Fiji Dollar to AED

As you can see, you can easily convert any type of currency into Fijian currency.  The rate will be different, depending on the time of year you are visiting and what the current rate is.  It is easy to check on the current currency exchange rate online or with your local bank. 

No matter when you exchange your cash for the Fiji dollar, you will always find that you will get more than you think.  That means you can usually stay in a nicer hotel, dine at nicer restaurants, and even visit more attractions than you thought possible. 

One of the best things about deciding to vacation in Fiji is the fact that you will always get a great value for your money, since the exchange rate to Fijian dollars is always favorable more often than not.  You can have a wonderful time in Fiji and some of that you can thank the Fiji dollar for!