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What is Fiji Kava Drink

The Fiji Kava drink is considered the national drink of the Fiji Islands and the locals drink it all the time.  Before you go and have a little Fiji Kava for yourself, you may want to know exactly what it is. 

Kava is a plant that is native to the Pacific Islands and it offers a few relaxing qualities when used in cuisine or drinks.  Years ago, it was common for chiefs to use Kava in their meals, but now, everyone is capable of enjoying it within the Fiji Kava drink. 

When making the Fiji Kava drink, the roots of the Kava plant are removed and pounded into a fine powder.  That powder is then mixed with cold water and drank immediately.  The drink itself will look muddy and the taste will be more pretty flat than delicious. 

You must drink the Kava in Fiji during a formal ceremony, which is known as the Fiji Kava ceremony.  You must dress modestly for the Fiji Kava ceremonies, which means covering your shoulders, wearing long dresses or pants, and not wearing a hat. 

When you arrive at the Fiji Kava ceremony, you will sit cross-legged on the floor and watch as the person in charge mixes the powdered Kava root with water that has been placed in a bowl.  When the Fiji Kava drink is ready, it is placed inside a bilo (a large bowl), which is basically half of a coconut shell.  The bilo is then passed around for people to drink from. 

It is considered rude to pass up a taste of the Fiji Kava drink, so simply clap your hands once, accept the bilo, and drink a gulp quickly. 

While the Fiji Kava drink has a flat taste, it does offer mind-clearing affects that are always pleasantly welcomed.  Your lips and tongue may tingle, especially if you have quite a bit and you may even feel tired.  Since Fiji Kava is like a drug, you may have different things happen to you than everyone else, so please use caution when it comes to the amount you drink at first. 

However, small amounts of the Fiji Kava drink shouldn’t do much at all, so enjoy your small sip and see why the locals love drinking what could be considered muddy water to people who have no idea what the Fiji Kava drink is.