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What’s Fiji’s Population

The Fiji population numbers are always changing, just like everywhere else in the world.  Some days, this number gets higher and higher, while other days it drops little by little.  The Fiji population 2019 was 920, 219.  That number was 859 people higher than it was the year before. 

Out of the Fiji population 2019 number, 466,195 of those people accounted for were males, while 454,024 of them were females. 

To get a sense of who lives on these islands, it is possible to break the Fiji population down into different ethnic groups.  Almost fifty-seven percent of the Fiji population are iTaukei, while almost thirty-eight percent are of Indian descent.  Add in the one percent Rotuman group and the four and a half percent that are European, part European, Chinese, and from the other Pacific Islands, and you reach the Fiji population number you see today. 

The Fiji Population According to Religion

Protestant: 45%

Hindu: 28%

Other Christian: 10%

Roman Catholic: 9%

Muslim: 6%

Sikh: less than half a percent

Other and None: 1%

When looking at the ages of the Fiji population, you can quickly see that the younger generations, under the age of fourteen, easily outnumber the generations who are in their forties and fifties.  This means that the Fiji population is going to continue to grow over the years, but that has been the trend for many years already now. 

The Fiji Population Over the Years

Population in 1950: 288,993

Population in 1970: 520,529

Population in 1990: 728,626

Population in 2010: 859,952

As you can see the Fiji population increased drastically between 1950 and 1970.  The numbers have risen since that time, but not as quickly as during those twenty years.  However, it is possible that these islands can see a slightly higher increase in the next ten or twenty years. 

This may be due to the younger generations having their own children or it could be from all the people who are choosing to move to Fiji to work remotely while living somewhere beautiful all year round. 

It doesn’t really matter why the Fiji population is increasing.  All we need to know is that it is and that can only be considered a good thing.