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When’s Fiji Day

If you have always wanted to go to Fiji, it may be because you have often wondered about when Fiji day was and many of the other fascinating facts about this country.  To get the question of when’s Fiji day out of the way, we can tell you that it is on October 10th.  This is the day that the country celebrates ceding to the United Kingdom in 1874 and its independence back in 1970. 

The date when Fiji was discovered was back in 1643 when Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer, came across the islands.  Captain James Cook also sailed through this area in 1774 and even more people arrived after that.  However, the most credit was given to Captain William Bligh, who arrived in the country in 1789, which was after the Mutiny on the Bounty. 

It is amazing at just how Fiji was discovered, because it was basically by accident.  Abel Tasman wasn’t planning on finding anything when he was sailing through this area, so imagine his surprise when he found these islands!

The day when Fiji was established was back in 1789, but at the time, the islands were known as the Bligh Islands.  The first European town was Levuka and it was established on the island of Ovalau during the 1820s. 

The date that Fiji joined the World Trade Organization was January 14, 1996.  It was a very important date when Fiji became a member of the WTO.  Fiji has become such a major import and export country and so many items come from this part of the world.  A few of those items include food products, minerals, chemicals, footwear, stones, glass, metals, transportation, and textiles. 

Now, back to Fiji day, which is a major holiday in the country.  The entire week before this special day is known as Fiji week and every year there is a different theme.  Most of the time, those themes relate to religious ceremonies and cultural performances.  The focus of the entire week is unity, as well as the religious and cultural diversity of both the Fijian and Indian ethnicities. 

If you are planning on visiting Fiji in the future, you may want to plan your stay around this special day, because you will truly see how amazing the cultures and religions of this country are.