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Where to Stay or Go in Fiji

As with any other destination around the world, when you travel to Fiji, you are going to need to know where to stay or go in Fiji.  After all, you will want to know which hotel is the best, which attractions are the most popular, and which places you want to avoid. 

Fiji Where to Stay

The Grand Pacific Hotel can be found in Suva, Fiji and it is the most elegant and luxurious hotel on the islands.  This hotel was constructed back in 1914 and it is close to many attractions, as well as shopping and dining destinations.  Add in the five restaurants, three bars, and on-site spa and fitness center and you will have all the comforts of home and much more. 

Which Fiji Island to Visit

When it comes down to which Fiji Island to visit, you can’t really choose just one.  However, the most popular option is the Mamanuca Islands, due to the amazing weather there.  Add in stunning beaches, sparkling water, and plenty of ways to mingle with the marine life and you have a picture-perfect vacation. 

Which Fiji Island is Best for Families

The Fiji Island for families would be Viti Levu, because it is the largest island and is where the international airport is located.  Suva is the capital and it can be found on the eastern side of this island.  Nadi is on the western side and that is where you will find many of the souvenir shops on the island. 

Which Fiji Island to Go to

If you are looking for a secluded area for your vacation, you may want to consider the Yasawa Islands.  These islands are to the north of Mamanuca Islands and they are the perfect place to go kayaking, explore the caves, and do a little swimming with manatees. 

Which Fiji Island Should I Go to

If you have been to Fiji before, and stayed on Viti Levu, then you may want to consider Vanua Levu the second time around.  This island is also perfect if you want fewer crowds and plenty of opportunities to go hiking off the beaten path.  With areas like the Wasali Nature Reserve, which is filled with rushing waterfalls, you are going to wish you could stay on this island forever. 

Which Fiji Island is Best to Visit

Vanau Levu is often considered the best Fiji Island to visit, but not only for the spectacular natural surroundings it offers.  During a visit to this island, you will want to visit the farmer’s market in Savusavu, see the sights along the Hibiscus Highway, and do a little diving at Rainbow Reef. 

Fiji Which Island to Stay

Since Viti Levu is considered the international gateway for Fiji, you are going to find the best hotels on that island.  A vacation on Viti Levu will also give you ample opportunities to learn more about the culture and traditions of those who have lived on these islands for generations. 

What Fiji Island is the Best

It is truly a toss-up as to what Fiji Island is the best, but many people will say Viti Levu, simply because it is the only one they visited during their vacation. 

Fiji Where to Go

There are more than three hundred islands in Fiji, but since only approximately one hundred of them have people living on them, your decision of where to go will be much easier.  It is recommended you stick with one of the main islands for your first trip and then do a little island hopping the next time. 

Fiji Where to Stay on Island

If you are looking for all the action, then accommodation in Suva is your best bet.  However, if you want to be away from some of the crowds and still experience a few touristy things, you may prefer the hotels and resorts over in Nadi.  These are both areas on the island of Viti Levu, so you may even want to consider staying in one place for a few nights before moving to a hotel in the other.