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Which Fiji Island is Best for Couples

There are multiple islands within Fiji, but not all of them are perfect when it comes to couples.  A few of them are best for families, so you must know which Fiji island is best for couples if you are traveling alone and leaving the kids back home. 

When it comes to the best island in Fiji for couples, Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands are the two that you want to consider.  If you are considering traveling to Fiji, you may question which Fiji island for honeymoon.  If you must choose between the two islands mentioned above, then I would recommend Yasawa for your honeymoon. 

There are many different resorts for you to choose from on those islands on the western side of Fiji.  Of course, if you are looking for plenty of activities for your time together as a couple, then Mamanuca is an excellent choice, because the resorts in that area are very well established. 

The islands of Fiji are quite popular when it comes to television shows.  The reason for this is the true beauty of all the islands and the romance that many of the islands bring.  If you have always wondered which Fiji island Bachelor of Paradise is filmed, the answer is Warwick.  This show is filmed on twenty-eight acres of tropical gardens and since they are so gorgeous, thousands of people are now considering traveling to this part of the world. 

Another Fijian island became popular more than decade ago and that is when a Fijian island was used for the television series, Love Island.  Therefore, you can visit which Fiji island is Love Island when you are traveling through this country. 

There is one other question that often gets asks and that is which Fiji island is heartbreak island.  The show Heartbreak Island has been filmed in numerous resorts throughout the island, so you will just need to visit many of them to see if you can solve the mystery of where this show has taken place!

As a couple, you can travel anywhere that you want to in Fiji, but if you want the best time together, you may want to stick with the two islands mentioned above.  If you do, then you will have an amazing time as the spark rekindles between the two of you once again.