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Why Fiji is Famous

The tropical island of Fiji is a Melanesian country nestled in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean consists of 333 islands of which approximately 110 are inhabited. With its 14 provinces, surprisingly Fiji has about one hundred different dialects and only one dialect called the Bau dialect that is known and spoken by all Fijians.

Its location and secluded islands are the perfect destination for lovers with its deserted, sandy white beaches, warm lagoons that provides the perfect backdrop for activities and breathtaking sunset. It is your island home away from home.

But for those adventurous travelers, the island and its culture has a lot to offer. From the crystal clear blue waters with its exciting water activities and colorful marine life, to the untouched greenery of the Highlands. Lush rainforest with magnificent waterfalls, volcanic peaks, rolling hills and rich fertile river valleys. Discover the scattered small villages in the hills bearing in mind that the more remote the village, the more traditional the villagers are in their ways.

Fiji is well known for its tropical climate throughout the year and welcomes travelers from around the world. However the people of Fiji make the difference, they are one of the friendliest in the world, as loving and caring as they are, and their hospitality will amaze you. In Fiji happiness will certainly find you. With its diverse cultures and races, you are sure to make your own version of paradise, luxury, romance or adventure.

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